Dr. Batra’s: The Best In Treating and Providing Holistic Solutions To Skin Ailments!

It is a bliss to have a healthy and disease-free childhood and this fact becomes more cemented after listening to the story of Anne Fernandes Anne is a housewife from Mumbai and her son was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis and his condition was deteriorating from being bad to worse. She was helpless and did not know how to save her child from the pain and agony that he was going through. Her son had constant itching of the skin and rashes and oozing of discharge when scratched. The allergic rhinitis caused repeated bouts of sneezing that would leave him irritable. Finally Anne decided to bring him to one of Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty homeopathic clinics in Santacruz and consulted Dr. Imran.

A sign of relief became apparent on Anne’s face as she related her son’s current cured condition and expressed gratitude to Dr. Batra’s for successfully ridding her child of this chronic skin disease Atopic Dermatitis. She is also glad about him being cured of his allergies. Anne appreciates Dr. Imran for the warm behaviour meted out to her and her child throughout the treatment period. She is also impressed about the way Dr. Imran handled her son’s case and said that first Dr. Imran first explained to her the condition of her child’s skin and then started treating him. This enabled Anne to understand her child’s condition better and facilitated her to monitor his recovery. She says with a sigh of relief that after visiting Dr. Batra’s clinic based in Santacruz, she could witness positive changes in her child’s ailments and within three months of consultation, her son’s skin condition improved.

Dr. Batra’s chain of multi-specialty homeopathic clinics across India and overseas has experts to treat diseases ranging from hair loss to respiratory or skin disorders and others.

So, if you know of someone who is suffering from any ailments and is bearing unwanted pain and agony, then suggest Dr. Batra’s for a holistic cure. You may simply touch base with Dr. Batra’s and experience a new of ray of hope in the form of good relief and complete cure offered to you by Dr. Batra’s.

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