Dr. Batra’s: The Best in Providing Homeopathic Solutions to remove Sinus from the Root!

Rumin Kaur Madan, a Mumbai-based housewife, went through a terrible phase in her life when she was suffering from sinusitis. She used to suffer from a perennial runny nose,itchy & swollen eyes. Her condition had reached a stage where she didn’t even have the stamina to talk to her doctor. She had almost lost hope of finding a cure and leading a normal life, until she visited Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty clinic and discovered homeopathy. Before consulting Dr. Imran at Dr. Batra’s homeopathy clinic, Rumin had tried several kinds of treatments, but with no effective result.

We, at Dr. Batra’s, specialize in the treatment of a number of diseases, like hair-loss problems, skin ailments, allergic rhinitis and many other diseases that tend to become chronic. Our doctors are sensitive towards our patients’ problems and offer them holistic treatment to facilitate a speedy recovery. Our doctors understand the stress that a patient goes through while suffering from any ailment, and the first thing they do is to comfort the patient to speed up the recovery process. Rumin too agrees with this, as she thinks back on her association with Dr. Batra’s and expresses heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Imran for helping her get rid of her sinus problem

Patients who suffer from sinusitis experience an aggravation in their condition during change of weather, on exposure to pollution, allergic substances, etc. Severe bouts of sneezing, runny nose, heaviness in the head, lack of stamina and unwanted stress return to haunt them, thus restricting them from leading a normal life. Rumin too was facing a similar plight and had accepted that she may have to stay with this distressing disease for the rest of her life. But after consulting Dr. Batra’s, she found the cure she was looking for. Though her recovery was slow and steady, her sinusitis vanished and today she feels blessed and relieved. So, if you happen to know someone who is suffering from similar medical issues, ask them to touch base with Dr. Batra’s and experience a new life that’s free of ailments.

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