Come to Dr. Batra’s to get back your healthy and shiny hair!

Have you ever pondered over the fact that hair plays such an integral part in shaping our looks? If yes, then you must have understood the value of thick shining and healthy hair. But maintaining healthy and shining hair is easier said than done. This is usually because of some major factors, like the water we use to wash our hair, the kind of food we eat and also the type of products we use to groom our hair. These days, we see a plethora of hair care products and all promise to give us rich, shiny and healthy hair. But we all must have faced hair related crisis at some point, be it in the form of hair-loss, dandruff or premature whitening.

These hair related problems are caused due to issues which are deeply rooted in our system and might not be apparent till they become visible. A variety of factors are involved when it comes to maintaining rich shiny hair. And among them, our eating habits and the hair products we use matter the most. Usually, we start using a particular hair care product without realizing the actual effect it has on our hair and then realize that a little too late, when the damage is already done. The usual hair related issues are that of hair-loss, dry and damaged hair, dandruff etc. It becomes increasingly difficult protect our hair completely, even if we are using the right hair grooming products. This is because we step out of our homes and that is when we are prone to hair damage the most.

One of the main reasons is the air pollution around us, which has an adverse effect on our hair. It is not always possible to cover our hair with a scarf and we end up exposing our delicate hair to the hazardous polluted air around us. Though we lessen the damage by regularly washing our hair with the right shampoo and conditioner or by oiling it regularly, these precautions do not make our hair less prone to damage. We, at Dr. Batra’s, have understood the sensitivity of such issues and have introduced successful homeopathic solutions to cater to hair related ailments.

At Dr. Batra’s, we come across several patients who suffer from the problem of hair-loss, which has taken a toll on their confidence and has led them towards a depressed life. Our specialists have an innate understanding of the problem and thus are able to prescribe the right solution to the patients to help them rectify the problem. This reminds us of Nikita Fernandes, a self employed lady from Mumbai, who was suffering from hair-loss, dandruff and split-ends. But according to her, she noticed an improvement in the condition of her hair once treatment started. She expresses her gratitude towards Dr. Imran, a homeopathy specialist with Dr. Batra’s, for understanding her ailment and providing her with the right solution.

So, if at any point of time, you too happen to face a similar problem like Nikita, you just have to call Dr. Batra’s and our specialists will be more than happy to help you to bring back the smile to your face and will also assure the return of your healthy hair.

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