Dr. Mukesh Batra: A Multifaceted Pioneer from the World of Homeopathic Medicine

We all have heard about Dr. Batra’s, the chain of multi-specialty homeopathic clinics that offer a plethora of treatments to cure almost any ailment. But have we ever thought about the man behind this respected institution we call Dr. Batra’s? Let’s take a sneak peek into the life of the man behind Dr. Batra’s, a multidimensional and multifaceted visionary, Dr. Mukesh Batra. This noted homeopath is known to pursue an array of hobbies that include writing – with his latest book hitting the bookshelves across the country recently. He is also passionate about photography and is a master in the art of singing too.

Doesn’t it sound like Dr. Mukesh Batra has got an ample amount of leisure time to pursue an extensive list of hobbies? If we take a look at the credentials of this noted homeopath, it will make us wonder how he manages to pursue an array of creative passions like photography, writing and singing besides managing five companies under his flagship enterprise. We all would agree that it isn’t a child’s play to handle them all as Dr Mukesh Batra does. He has also taken homeopathy to a completely new level of excellence and has provided breakthrough homeopathic solutions for patients across the globe.

Dr. Mukesh Batra himself believes that pursuing numerous interests and managing a diversified business house is no rocket science. According to him “It’s all about delegation.” He also says that, “If you build a good team, then you can do anything. If you have the passion, you can find time for it.” Last fortnight, Dr. Mukesh Batra was in news for the launch of his new book, ‘Healing With Homeopathy’, in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. You may say it’s been an action packed month for this ace homeopath, as he is all set to perform at a concert on September 29th, where he will be rendering ghazals.

However, Dr. Mukesh Batra does feel that it’s lonely at the top. He expresses his feelings by saying, “It’s difficult to relate to people. You have many acquaintances and very few friends. So a hobby gives you space.” He reaffirms the hard fact related to doctors about being privy to a lot of pain, suffering and death. Therefore, he says, “We become a bit insensitive. So something like fine arts retains the sensitivity. It’s like meditation.” Dr. Mukesh Batra has actually exhibited a valuable example of ‘work life balance’ and has become an inspiration for many. From being a trend-setting pioneer in the field of homeopathic medication and spreading smiles across millions of faces, to pursuing highly creative hobbies like writing, photography and singing, he has rightly proved the age-old saying, ‘We all have one life to live, why not live it to the fullest?’

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One Response to Dr. Mukesh Batra: A Multifaceted Pioneer from the World of Homeopathic Medicine

  1. Amin Shaikh says:

    Its sound very interesting that a Doctor sings….It would be great

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