Fighting Hair Loss With Dr. Batra’s

These days, we see almost all the leading ladies from Bollywood endorsing a hair care product. They try and convince the consumer about fast results, and since they are gifted actors, they sound convincing too. Such commercials make us realize that the consumers are always looking for a quick fix for their hair problems. At Dr. Batra’s, we too come across such patients who want fast results when it comes to stopping hair loss. Everyone looks for a solution, but never looks for the root cause.

If you are losing hair, some important areas you must look into are diet and your lifestyle. Diet, stress, hormonal changes and depression can be the major reasons for hair loss besides many other factors. Homeopathy treatment along with a balanced diet & exercise helped Chiranjit Patel, a businessman from Mumbai, to control his hair loss. Here’s what he has to say about Dr. Batra’s “I am satisfied with the progress of my hair treatment. Regular diet & exercises recommended by the doctor have helped me a lot. Trichoscan helped me analyze my hair fall & take preventive measures accordingly. The doctor also prescribed effective medicines, not only for my hair but also for other minor ailments too. With my pleasant experience at Dr Batra’s, I am extending my treatment duration at the clinic.”

Most people don’t worry about hair loss initially and they feel that losing up to 100 hair a day is normal. However, it alarms them when they start seeing more and more of their scalp in the mirror. Shirley, one of our patients, had a similar story. When she came to us for treatment, she was going through a lot of stress. Based on the details of the case, the consulting doctor at Dr. Batra’s prescribed the constitutional remedy for Shirley, along with instructions to improve her diet to control hair loss. Gradually, her hair loss decreased with the medication. Over a period of two years, the treatment stopped Shirley’s loss of excessive hair and the density of the hair on her scalp also improved. She was much more confident when she concluded her treatment at Dr. Batra’s.

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15 Responses to Fighting Hair Loss With Dr. Batra’s

  1. Nice to see Dr.Batra’s giving a solution for a problem like hair loss. Great job Dr.Batra’s.

  2. Great solution by Dr. Batra’s

  3. It is very nice to take precaution from Dr. Batra’s before its too late. Really good information article on hair loss

  4. Ketan Gaikwad says:

    Nice solution on hair loss by Dr.Batra’s

  5. Kumar Bhushan says:

    Good..very good suggestion , need to change diet and lifestyle ……

  6. Shahid says:

    Hair Loss+ Hair related problems=One solution (Dr. Batra’s) :-))

  7. Rasika says:

    Perfect solution to hair related problems 😀

  8. Abdul Gafur says:

    Its really very nice to see Dr.Batra’s & its team giving a solution for every problem like hair loss, diet plans, health tips, etc etc…. Its Really a Great & hard Core job Dr.Batra’s.
    I really appreciate your true efforts behind this… 🙂

  9. Rahul says:

    Excellent article.

  10. Shaikh Aminn says:

    I just checked the hair loss evaluation test by Dr. Batras … provided suffice information on hair loss stage.

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