The best treatment for skin and hair problems at Dr.Batra’s!!

The world has witnessed a paradigm shift regarding today’s woman, since she has stepped out of the house and shares financial responsibility. A cordial balance needs to be maintained at both the fronts, home as well as work place, which is not an easy task. At times, the hectic schedule creates stress and the same has its repercussions on the health of the woman, reflecting as hair and skin problems. Being more sensitive than men’s skin, a woman’s skin is at higher risk of getting damaged. Some of the common problems include pimples, hair loss, allergies, breathing problems, migraine, etc. Skin problems in particular have an adverse effect on the self confidence of a woman. Being left with very less time to devote attention to her own self further aggravates the problem. Apart from the hectic lifestyle, certain other problems like irregular menstrual cycles, fibroids and hormonal variations lead to significant discomfort and/or pain.

Many a times, it becomes difficult to share such sensitive issues with someone and get a proper remedy and so women tend to sit over the problem and go through unwanted agony. At, Dr. Batra’s we understand the need for professional consultation and treatment. Homeopathy is one of the most effective forms of treatment without any adverse side effects and thus has been a popular choice among many.

We, at Dr. Batra’s have successfully treated lakhs of patients suffering from hair and skin problems. Our team of specialized doctors is like a ray of hope for patients suffering from varied ailments.

Shahida Shaikh, a professional from Mumbai is overwhelmed as she shares her experience with Dr. Batra’s, where she got cured from pimples and got flawless skin. She says: ”My face was getting better as days passed by under Dr Imran’s care. I not only got my beauty back but also the confidence which I had lost few months ago. I sincerely thank Dr Imran and Dr Batra’s for all that they have done to me”. So, now you know that expert homeopaths are just a call away at Dr. Batra’s, where you will find solutions for all your problems.

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