Dr. Batra’s: The Best In Treating and Providing Holistic Solutions To Skin Ailments!

It is a bliss to have a healthy and disease-free childhood and this fact becomes more cemented after listening to the story of Anne Fernandes Anne is a housewife from Mumbai and her son was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis and his condition was deteriorating from being bad to worse. She was helpless and did not know how to save her child from the pain and agony that he was going through. Her son had constant itching of the skin and rashes and oozing of discharge when scratched. The allergic rhinitis caused repeated bouts of sneezing that would leave him irritable. Finally Anne decided to bring him to one of Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty homeopathic clinics in Santacruz and consulted Dr. Imran.

A sign of relief became apparent on Anne’s face as she related her son’s current cured condition and expressed gratitude to Dr. Batra’s for successfully ridding her child of this chronic skin disease Atopic Dermatitis. She is also glad about him being cured of his allergies. Anne appreciates Dr. Imran for the warm behaviour meted out to her and her child throughout the treatment period. She is also impressed about the way Dr. Imran handled her son’s case and said that first Dr. Imran first explained to her the condition of her child’s skin and then started treating him. This enabled Anne to understand her child’s condition better and facilitated her to monitor his recovery. She says with a sigh of relief that after visiting Dr. Batra’s clinic based in Santacruz, she could witness positive changes in her child’s ailments and within three months of consultation, her son’s skin condition improved.

Dr. Batra’s chain of multi-specialty homeopathic clinics across India and overseas has experts to treat diseases ranging from hair loss to respiratory or skin disorders and others.

So, if you know of someone who is suffering from any ailments and is bearing unwanted pain and agony, then suggest Dr. Batra’s for a holistic cure. You may simply touch base with Dr. Batra’s and experience a new of ray of hope in the form of good relief and complete cure offered to you by Dr. Batra’s.

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Dr. Batra’s: The Best in Providing Homeopathic Treatment for Body Aches and Cramps!

Body ache and cramps of any intensity have an adverse effect on our daily life. They create discomfort and restrict us from performing our daily activities. Mamatha Kambley, a housewife from Anudh, was facing this problem for several years. Due to the cramps in her legs, she wouldn’t be able to complete her household chores and move about freely. But Mamatha decided to put an end to her pain and suffering, and consulted Dr. Batra’s to see if homeopathic treatment could end her misery. Within two months, Mamatha noticed a significant relief and resumed her normal duties.

A big smile brightens her face, as she recalls her experience with Dr. Batra’s. She says that thanks to Dr. Batra’s, she has returned to her normal life and can even climb stairs without any help. She extends her heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Batra’s for rejuvenating her by by bringing an end to her agony. Dr. Batras provides homeopathic treatments which are highly effective in curing any kind of ailment, and thus has an unending list of patients who appreciate their services.

The homeopathic specialists at Dr. Batra’s understand a patient’s sentiments, besides the ailment they are suffering from. Hence, the doctors make the patients feel absolutely comfortable as soon as they step in their multi-specialty homeopathic clinics. Mamatha approved this approach and said that she was highly-impressed with the personal touch at Dr. Batra’s clinic, which actually helped her recover faster. After consulting Dr. Batra’s, Mamatha can now walk for half and hour without any problems and can also bend, which was a far-fetched dream for her a few months ago. Today she easily completes her household chores without any trouble.

Dr. Batra’s has a long list of happy and satisfied patients who have been cured by experienced doctors. The homeopathic treatments are highly-effective and are able to cure a plethora of ailments from their root cause, so that they never haunt you in the future as well. So if you know someone who is suffering from hair loss, skin diseases, allergies, sinus, body aches or any such disease, then ask them to touch base with Dr. Batra’s. Dr. Batra’s has a chain of multi-specialty homeopathic clinics all across India and getting in touch with Dr. Batra’s is not difficult. So if you are suffering from any ailment, then Dr. Batra’s will get rid of it and help you bounce back to a normal and healthy life!

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Dr. Batra’s: The Best in Providing Homeopathic Solutions to remove Sinus from the Root!

Rumin Kaur Madan, a Mumbai-based housewife, went through a terrible phase in her life when she was suffering from sinusitis. She used to suffer from a perennial runny nose,itchy & swollen eyes. Her condition had reached a stage where she didn’t even have the stamina to talk to her doctor. She had almost lost hope of finding a cure and leading a normal life, until she visited Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty clinic and discovered homeopathy. Before consulting Dr. Imran at Dr. Batra’s homeopathy clinic, Rumin had tried several kinds of treatments, but with no effective result.

We, at Dr. Batra’s, specialize in the treatment of a number of diseases, like hair-loss problems, skin ailments, allergic rhinitis and many other diseases that tend to become chronic. Our doctors are sensitive towards our patients’ problems and offer them holistic treatment to facilitate a speedy recovery. Our doctors understand the stress that a patient goes through while suffering from any ailment, and the first thing they do is to comfort the patient to speed up the recovery process. Rumin too agrees with this, as she thinks back on her association with Dr. Batra’s and expresses heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Imran for helping her get rid of her sinus problem

Patients who suffer from sinusitis experience an aggravation in their condition during change of weather, on exposure to pollution, allergic substances, etc. Severe bouts of sneezing, runny nose, heaviness in the head, lack of stamina and unwanted stress return to haunt them, thus restricting them from leading a normal life. Rumin too was facing a similar plight and had accepted that she may have to stay with this distressing disease for the rest of her life. But after consulting Dr. Batra’s, she found the cure she was looking for. Though her recovery was slow and steady, her sinusitis vanished and today she feels blessed and relieved. So, if you happen to know someone who is suffering from similar medical issues, ask them to touch base with Dr. Batra’s and experience a new life that’s free of ailments.

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Dr. Batra’s: The Best When it Comes to Curing Skin Ailments!

We all desire a healthy and flawless skin. But that’s something which is easier said than done. Because when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, weather and dietary habits play a major role. We all have faced similar challenges when it comes to maintaining our skin. But it’s worse for those who suffer from skin ailments, like acne, warts, skin allergies, etc. Our lifestyle cannot be changed and whatever we do, eat and drink, directly reflect on our skin. Hence, we need to be cautious with our skin if we wish to keep it healthy and glowing.

A glowing and healthy skin is definitely attractive and it feels nice to receive compliments for it. We, at Dr. Batra’s, have understood the importance of a flawless and glowing skin. Hence, our doctors consider every detail of the patient’s history to ensure that the perfect constitutional remedy is chosen for the patient. Our homeopathic doctors at Dr. Batra’s work hard to see that the smiles are brought back on the faces of patients. Our patients at Dr Batra’s would definitely vouch for the quality of skin and hair treatment they receive at our clinics.

This reminds us of Kiran, a student from Bangalore, who was suffering from multiple warts on the skin which affected her self-confidence, as a result of which she avoided meeting friends and relatives. Prior to visiting Dr. Batra’s, she had tried several types of medications to get rid of this embarrassing skin problem, but none of them were effective. But after visiting Dr. Batra’s clinic and receiving homeopathic medication under the able guidance of Dr. John, Kiran got rid of her skin ailment. She smiles as she relates her experience at Dr. Batra’s and extends her heartfelt gratitude towards us for helping her get rid of her skin problem and bringing back her lost self-esteem. So if you know someone who is suffering from a skin ailment, ask them to touch base with Dr. Batra’s homeopathic clinic and get rid of their skin problems, be it of any type!

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Dr.Batra’s: The Best When it Comes to Successfully Treating Hair Loss Problems!

We all know that maintaining healthy and shiny hair is not an easy task, as we need to be alert regarding any change occurring in the texture or condition of our hair. If we happen to notice an alarming change, we need to take relevant action to curb further damage. Actually a lot of factors affect our hair, and if we are aware of what suits it and what does not, we will be able to take better care of it. A major factor being our dietary habits, as that directly reflects on our hair’s quality along with our skin’s quality. But we all know that it isn’t easy to maintain a diet that is strictly restricted to healthy food, given that we all lead hectic lifestyles and have the tendency to grab fast-food which usually isn’t healthy.

Apart from dietary habits, the pollution that prevails around us also takes a toll on our hair. Hence, we need to take utmost precautions to protect our hair. Covering your head while traveling, to protect it from the harmful pollution, is a great idea. Going for regular hair spa treatments, along with oil massaging sessions at home, is a great way to keep hair nourished. However, sometimes all of these measures fall short and we face distressing problems like hair loss and other related issues. It’s a disheartening situation to find a bunch of hair in our hand while combing. But you need not worry and bear the agony of hair loss, as Dr. Batra’s offers unmatched homeopathic solutions to treat hair-loss. We have helped many of our patients deal with hair-loss problems successfully and they have bounced back with healthy and shiny hair.

Nikita Fernanades, a self employed lady from Mumbai, shares a similar experience. She says that she was suffering from hair-loss for over a year till she stepped into a Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty homeopathic clinic. Nikita thought that she would lose all her hair and was going through a major bout of stress and agony. But after meeting Dr. Imran at a Dr. Batra’s clinic she found a ray of hope. Today she smiles and expresses heartfelt gratitude for the treatment she received at Dr. Batra’s, as it helped her get back her self-confidence, something she had lost due to her hair-loss problem. She says that after the treatment she has regained her hair, got rid of dandruff, split ends and has got cured of other ailments as well.

We, at Dr. Batra’s, have state-of-the-art clinics that offer unmatched homeopathic solutions that have successfully cured many who were suffering from hair-loss, skin ailments etc. So if you or anyone you know is suffering from hair-loss problems or any other ailments, simply touch base with Dr. Batra’s specialists and get rid of the problems while regain their lost smiles!

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Dr.Batra’s Offer an Assured Cure to Skin Problems and Bring Back Smiles!

We all are aware that skin problems create immense discomfort, be it in the form of irritation, itching or embarrassment. Even a small eruption on our skin creates a major problem for us. It is a well accepted fact that the skin is a very sensitive part of our body and we need to be very careful with it. Our skin gets maximum exposure to the external climate and therefore is prone to  damage. The first adversely affecting factor is the scorching sun, which we face everyday. Too much exposure to the sun has a damaging effect on our skin, in the form of tanning, black patches, dryness, rashes etc. Applying sunscreen isn’t enough. We need a balanced diet to keep our skin healthy and vibrant.

Dr. Batra’s have been the pioneers in discovering breakthrough homeopathic medication for treating skin diseases. We have brought back smiles on the faces of people who were suffering from skin diseases, as we understand the pain and the agony that comes with such ailments. At Dr. Batra’s, we train our homeopathic specialists to be sensitive towards the patient’s illness, so that the patient feels comfortable and this facilitates a speedy recovery in turn. Be it any genre of skin problem, the specialists at Dr. Batra’s are experts at curing them.

Dhanashree Vigikar from Pune shares her wonderful experience by saying that she had been taking homeopathic treatment for her acne at Dr. Batra’s and has recovered fully. A wide smile comes on her face as she shares her experience and says that her face is completely clear and 100% acne free now. She expresses heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Batra’s positive health clinic for bringing back the joy and the bliss of healthy skin in her life. If you know someone like Dhanashree, who is suffering from skin problems, then ask the person to touch base with Dr. Batra’s multi-specialty homeopathic clinic. Our team of seasoned homeopathy specialists will cure any skin problem and bring back the smile on the patient’s face by getting rid of their ailments!

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Dr. Batra’s: The Best in Treating Hair Problems with Unmatched Homeopathic Medication

It is a fact that women treasure their hair the most. Certainly, because hair plays a vital role in a woman’s appearance. A woman treasures her hair since childhood, by regular oiling, shampooing and conditioning. But at times, these regular hair-grooming regimes fall short of maintaining healthy hair, due to external harmful factors like pollution, diet and lifestyle challenges.

It’s indeed disheartening to discover broken strands of hair while combing hair. Hair loss issues have become a common problem with almost all of us and taking precautionary measures to stop it before it’s too late has become the need of the hour. But it becomes a tedious task to look for the right solution when it comes to sensitive issues like hair loss and other hair related problems. We at Dr. Batra’s have successfully treated lakhs of cases of people suffering from hair loss and brought a smile back to their face.

Jasmine Dutta, a working woman from Kolkata, is one of those who got back her smile after visiting Dr. Batra’s, as she recovered from her hair loss problem. She says that she had discovered patchy hair loss on her scalp, but recovered within four months after consulting and taking homeopathy treatment from Dr. Chinmay at Dr. Batra’s. In her words, the specialists at Dr. Batra’s are very supportive, highly cooperative and help capture instant happiness. Jasmine feels rejuvenated whenever she touches her healthy hair and expresses gratitude towards Dr. Chinmay for successfully curing her ailment. She says that it just took her four and a half months to get rid of the bald patches on her scalp and to bounce back with healthy hair.

Our homeopathic specialists at Dr. Batra’s ensure that you get nothing short of the best of homeopathy when you visit any of Dr Batra’s clinics. Be it hair loss or any skin problem, now there is absolutely no need to bear unnecessary agony which comes with these ailments. You simply need to touch-base with Dr. Batra’s specialists. We are just a call away and we assure you that we will help you get back your health with our unmatched homeopathic treatment. If you know someone who is undergoing similar stress because of hair loss and skin problems, then bring the light of happiness in their lives by guiding them to the nearest Dr. Batra’s clinic!

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